About Us

Our Company is a leading organization that has created a unique platform for solving issues of Startups & growing Enterprises. We give opportunities to the freshers to start their career with us. We are operating in Bhubaneswar, Odisha since 2015. Our applications and solutions are creative and unique as they are specially crafted for our clients according to their requirements.

Our Founder, Er. D. Prasanna Nayak has initiated the organization to empower every individual and organization that wish to contribute to society. He has completed his master's degree from Siksha O' Anusandhan University(SOAU), Odisha in Computer Sc. & Information Technology in the year 2013. His sincere and dedicated effort has made the company to create market attention in terms of sustainable growth. Under his mentorship and guidance the company has served many sectors like Healthcare, Steel Making, Mining, Food & Bakery, Music, NGO, etc. It was his vision to create a team of dedicated Engineers & Developers to unite and contribute to the national GDP. He has a vision to promote & nurture Intelligent and Talented minds in order to contribute to the society and the Humanity.

What We Offer

This category of services helps enterprises to moderate the appropriate changes as and when needed. We have already helped few organizations to initiate their dream projects to make it live under critical crisis situations. Our intelligence & smart support towards any organization contributes to their overall performance and continued growth.
It includes various solutions specifically crafted for various needs like system architecture, coding, testing, implementation, etc. Various applications like ERP, Data Management & Intranet tools are few areas of our expertize. We have already developed various applications that are smoothly running since many years.
Under this category of our work, we do serve the people in their promotion and branding works. Content writing, Creative Graphics, SEO, Social media management, Bulk SMS, Instant messeging, Bulk Mailing, etc are part of our work. Media publishing is also a part of the segment that helps our clients to fetch attention of their audience or customers.

We provide various web and cloud service like hosting, domain management, e-mail solutions and various other apps. These are few essential services basically needed for every organization.
Developing managed network and functional infrastructure is an art of doing creative layouts with bounding constraints. We have expertized these solutions and help our clients to own their strong, stable & safe network.
Security solutions are a special category that we have expertized enough that helps us troubleshoot any kind of critical & challenging issues. We support our clients to secure their IT systems using our hardware and software solutions.

The growing market needs to create more jobs and sustainable business models.We sense the startup challenges before its occurrence and suggest the needful solutions. The startup challenges are unique to every organization and/or concepts. It needs more concentration to craft needed solutions. We have developed our own methods that would help startups not only sustain but, also grow indefinetely inspite of all concerns.
We train the deserving candidates to start their career with us and allow them to grow their skills for current market scenarios. We provide unique ideas to ignite the minds for essential services and/or products meant for revenue generation. We help the freshers and experts wishing to switch their career. Our objective is to help people get their deserved jobs and create more jobs for others too.
Few research works related to computer science & IT are going on with us. We expect to enhance our team and expertise as and when needed by our clients. Image processing, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Data Analytics, Telehealth, System Security, Digital Agriculture Systems, E-Learning, E-Governance, Creative UI/UX, E-Commerce challenges, Community Tools, DSS & Decision Trees are few of our thrust areas.